New TiVo Mavrik In The Works

UPDATE: In May 2017, it was reported by industry insiders that TiVo has stopped the development of the Mavrik. Although TiVo has not said why the reports claim that the technical issues involved in recording live television to a cloud source produced a bad user experience.

TiVo Mavrik

The cat’s out of the bag for TiVo. Leaked images and details for the new TiVo Mavrik have surfaced. Mavrik is an OTA (over-the-air) streaming cloud player. What that means — Mavrik will record television broadcasts from an antenna and store the video in the cloud. Your recordings will be available anytime for viewing through streaming.

More Details About The Mavrik

Since it’s TiVo, you know there will be monthly fees involved somewhere. Details about pricing are unavailable at the moment, but it’s rumored that TiVo will offer multi-tiered subscription plans for cloud storage. There’s also no word on any other monthly service charges, Mavrik cost, or release date.

Word is that the Mavrik will not connect directly to your television. Instead, it connects directly to the antenna only. In order to watch either live or recorded TV, the video/audio will be streamed directly to a TiVo app. There is supposedly a new TiVo Android app in the works.

Cloud-Based Recording

The concept of cloud-based television recording is not new. It’s been tried before and for the most part, it has failed. However, technology performance has steadily been increasing over the last few years and costs have fallen dramatically for memory and processors. Perhaps TiVo will overcome technical problems that have caused problems with cloud-recordings in the past. Most likely, the recording will be buffered (and possibly compressed) in Mavrik’s memory so the data can be uploaded later or at least on a delay and uploaded in bursts.

In the era of cord-cutting, Mavrik will still have a hard time gaining any ground. TV shows can be viewed through Netflix, Amazon Video, and Hulu for around $10 per month. Watching live TV is possible through an antenna (just like Mavrik will use) or even live-streamed from services such as Sling, Youtube, Hulu, and an ever-increasing host of other services.

What are your views on the TiVo Mavrik, cloud-based recording, cord-cutting, or anything DVR? Let me know in the comments section.

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